EZConvert – Currency Converter

Ever wished you could have a quick and easy currency converter?

A currency converter that can show you 4 currencies and their rates at the same time?

Now you can, with EZConvert – a colorful, simple, easy to use currency converter app.

Easily convert between the US Dollar, Euro, and 30 other currencies with the click of a button. This app is a simple and easy to understand currency converter. It is a handy tool when you’re traveling. It can also be used for traders, or if you’re shopping or selling goods online on foreign websites such as Amazon, Yahoo and eBay. The application is completely free.

After downloading EZConvert you’ll be able to:

– Quickly and easily convert between currencies.

– On the fly converter that updates as you type. Change back and forth by clicking one button.

– 32 currencies.

– The rate is up to date and is refreshed every time you launch the app.

– No Internet connection required. Rates will be saved from last time you had a connection.

– Your 4 simultaneous choices will be saved in the app until next time you use it. That way you can check the same 4 favorites day after day.

– Simple interface with flags and countries, easy to understand.

– The app contains the following currency rates:

US Dollar


Japanese Yen

Bulgarian Lev

Czech koruna

Danish krone

Pound sterling

Hungarian forint

Polish zloty

Romanian leu

Swedish krona

Swiss franc

Norwegian krone

Croatian kuna

Russian rouble

Turkish lira

Australian dollar

Brazilian real

Canadian dollar

Chinese yuan renminbi

Hong Kong dollar

Indonesian rupiah

Israeli shekel

Indian rupee

South Korean won

Mexican peso

Malaysian ringgit

New Zealand dollar

Philippine peso

Singapore dollar

Thai baht

South African rand

– The Euro is used in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

We are always interested in feedback so we can make the application better. Email us at: support@bluesalt.studio

Thank you for downloading EZConvert!